Ladies and Gentledragons of the Fanon Wiki, I present to you a StoryTellerMadnessDragon story conjoined with her FanFiction.Net self: TotallyUnlitteralProductions and they (even though they're the same person) give you a FanFiction! A Villan's Song...*lights dim and theater quiets down*


Scarlet woke in her cage once again. She looked at herself in the mirror. She saw the monster that RainWing had created out of her and started to sing:

"Long, Long ago, I was beautiful."

"Long, Long ago, I ruled."

"Long, Long ago, I lived and controlled and my subjects all loved me."

"Long, Long ago, When I was young."


Whirlpool awoke in the electric eel basin. He checked to make sure that he was alive and then clambered out quickly. He looked okay, except for the fact he had some electric shock marks. He looked at his reflection in the water and started to sing:

"I was once handsome, but now I am ugly."

"I was once a coward, but now I am brave."

"I was once trusting, but now I am going to keep to myself."

"I was once a young fool, but now I am wise and old."


Morrowseer looked at the kingdom from a high ledge. He felt sort of guilty for bringing Starflight here, but he knew it was for a good cause. He knew it was his job to drill into Starflight's brain to make the dragonets choose Blister. He looked to the heavens and closed his eyes and started to sing:

"Now, it is his turn to rise."

"Now, I must choose sides."

"Now, We all must fight."

"Now, I understand my mistakes from when I was young."


Blister looked around the Summer Palace ruins. She smirked at the silence. After checking that all the caves were empty, the levels clear, and the pool below vacated, she started to sing:

"Yes, everything is going according to the plan."

"Yes, the SeaWings and NightWings are under my rule."

"Yes, they don't know I've fooled them all!"

"And yes, I am no longer young."


Burn tapped her talons on the floor as she waited out the SkyWings arguement. She watched as some princesses went head-to-head, and Ruby still winning. Burn started to sing softly under her breath:

"I know this won't work."

"I know my sisters will laugh."

"I know the dragonets won't pick me."

"But I know I can try to win, because I was never young."


Blaze was humming to herself in her room and admiring herself in the mirror. She didn't want to be disturbed. But it was awfully quiet. So she started to sing:

"Ha ha, I will win the war."

"Ha ha, my IceWings shall help."

"Ha ha, I'll never share the wealth."

"And Ha Ha, I am still young and beautiful."