Chapter I: Just Another Normal Day...


A world populated with dragons.

Or so it may seem.

It was just another normal day for Maravillarse, just like any other normal day that would happen. He woke up, stretched his legs, and stretched his wings.

Standard procedure.

Got up, went fruit gathering, and ate.


At mid-morning, Maravillarse suddenly noticed a slight rumbling vibrating through the air and up his tree that was located near the edge of the rainforest. He turned around and gasped in the horror of the sight.

Five menacing, yellow bulldozers were lined up across the border of the rainforest, each driven by NightWings, who were bent on taking the forest for themselves; four of the bulldozers were being blocked by another four RainWings. The fifth one, though, was approaching at an alarming rate.

The next thing he knew, Maravillarse was lying in front of the fifth bulldozer, which was idle at its master's command.