A Guide to Dragonkind, and Related Subjects


This is a guide to Pyrrhia. A Guide to your home. Written by me. SnakeStudier, a rather smart NightWing, so I hope this helps with any questions about this world!

Chapter 1: Dragons

The dragons of this world are amazing creatures, some say we evolved from Snakes and Lizards, others say scavengers. That is no matter, all you need to know is the basics of all dragons, or else you may be seen as a scavenger in disguise, anyway, just read this part, right here.

SkyWings - The Fighters of the dragon World

SkyWings are feared all throughout Pyrrhia. Why? Their rather famous arena, many dragons nicknamed this place, "Death Pit", because the SkyWing's (former) queen, the cruel Scarlet captured dragons, kept them prisoner, then forced them to fight till' death. If you beat all the dragons Scarlet can think of, you would have to face the fierce and deadly Peril. The only thing was, you couldn't touch her. She was a fireborn, a SkyWing born with fire in her scales, burning  anyone who touched these horrific beasts. She was Scarlet's pet until she found her mother.


These dragons mainly eat scavengers, birds, mammals, and small animals.