Everyone has a backstory, and this is Kestrel's. It's finally finished!

Written by Socrates the mudwing

Part One

I was small when I was born. That's why my mentor named me Kestrel. It's a swift bird, a noble bird. Yet it is the smallest bird of prey. 

I was swift and noble too. My mentor saw this. Her name was Harpy and she was one of the Greatest Warriors in the Sky Kingdom. She fought like a demon and trained me hard each day, but treated me kindly and fairly. 

I had a natural talent in combat, and I trained hard. I wanted to be a fighter, oh yes. I wanted that life more badly than any of my peers.

For years my size held me back. I trained against the other SkyWings my age, and I was pretty good.  But there was one dragonet that I really didn't get along with, and her name was Kamikaze. She was as fast as the winter wind, as strong as the mountain we lived on. She impressed the other trainees by risking her life needlessly, but for reasons still unknown to me, she hated me with a loathing passion. She delighted in pinning me down in fighting classes and taunting me. "The smallest hawk" she would call me. 

No matter how determined I was, or how lazy she was, Kamikaze always won. No strategy worked. I fought on and on. I trained myself so hard that Harpy began to worry that I would die from overexerting myself. But my confidence wavered as my peers grew around me, shooting up like the bamboo growing in the lowlands. I barely grew at all.

And then, when I was between 5 and 6 years old, I finally hit my growth spurt.

I grew and grew and grew and grew.

Suddenly I had size enough to show off my skill.

Suddenly I was winning all of the practice fights.

I was a big enough hawk.

I grew to be larger than average size; over 4 meters tall and nearly 20 meters long.

I knew every fighting technique there was.

I had the natural talent, the skill gained from practice, and now, finally, the size. Yes, I was a big enough hawk.

I was 11 years old when the war started. A few months later, we joined Burn's army. I saw Burn in a practice fight as and was in awe of her. She was opposed by thirty skilled fighters, and she had threatened them not to hold back, and still she was winning. I was sure we had joined the right side. 

We got attacked not long after. While most of our forces were off aiding the MudWings against an IceWing attack, the SandWing forces that thought Blaze should be queen attacked Queen Scarlet's palace.

I was part of the guard that day, and I will never forget what I saw. They outnumbered us  17-1 and went for our captains first. They slaughtered my comrades. Eventually I realized that I was the only one left. 

I stood in front of the entrance to Queen Scarlet's chamber, thinking that I would die fighting. They had to get through me to kill the queen, and they could only come at me 5 at a time.

Hours later, when the rest of the army returned, they must have been shocked to find the mountain littered with dragon corpses. Dragons I had killed.

I must have been wounded in 20 places, although none were fatal. As I was carried off to the infirmary, it suddenly dawned on me that not only had I survived my first battle, but I had also saved the day. I had single-talonedly killed several hundred dragons and stopped them from taking the palace and killing our queen. I was a warrior, a hero.

A Big Enough Hawk.

Part 2

The next few years were the happiest  in my life. I was knighted and honored for my courage and skill at the Battle of the Rock Spires. I was made Queen Scarlet's champion. I had my own quarters and a medallion engraved with the word Battlemaster. Kamikaze no longer plagued me, having died bravely in the battle, saving her friends from doom.

I continued practicing, refusing to let aristocracy make me old and fat. I led a large number of the most daunting attacks, and won more often than not. 

10 years into the war, I was 21 years old, 4 meters tall, 20 meters long, and at the very peak of physical fitness. A  Big Enough Hawk.

Then Her Majesty ordered me to enter the Breeding Program.

She knew very well that if the best fighters had offspring, said offspring would also likely be excellent fighters.

Queen Scarlet allowed me to help her select my mate, and we settled on a male named Rage. He was smaller than I was, but more intelligent, and nearly as fast and skilled. (I also couldn't help but note that he was hot, in more ways than one.) 

For an arranged marriage, it was rather a happy one. We quickly began to fall in love. (Those out there who want to know details can forget it. There's quite enough porn elsewhere on the internet without any here.)

Our romance was short and sweet. A few months into it, Queen Scarlet received word from her spies that a certain lightly guarded MudWing outpost was going to be attacked by a few legions of IceWings. She did try to warn them about it, but the idiots didn't believe her. Then, at the last minute, they sent a message pleading for our aid. Queen Scarlet, frustrated, agreed, and sent Rage and I to lead the army.

There was little we could do. Most of the MudWings were killed, and so were a number of our SkyWings, before the empty headed dung brained son of a (censored) the MudWings called their general decided we were losing and that we should retreat.

Rage was killed saving his sorry worthless hide from the IceWings.

All I could think as we fled the battlefield and flew towards the SkyWing base was, "Rage is dead. Rage is dead." Over and over again. 

I wanted to kill that fat scavenger brained lard bucked right there, with my own claws. He made my mate die.

Queen Scarlet stopped me. I could tell that she wasn't very sympathetic, but she was still my queen. And she was correct when she said, " At least you still have your egg."

I have loathed MudWings ever since. 

A few months later, my egg hatched. It was twins, a male and a female. Unfortunately, the male had no fire in him, and the female had too much, and so Queen Scarlet ordered me to kill them both and stay out of the Breeding Program for the rest of my life.

It was too cruel.

I am not a particularly nice dragon, and I never have been, so you readers had better stop feeling sorry for me, but everyone has lines they won't cross.

How could I kill my own offspring? They were all I had left of Rage, and they were mine.

I took the dragonets and flew into the mountains, but Her Majesty tracked me down. She saw how upset I was (I thought) and she changed her orders. She said I could kill just 1 of them and come back and she would pretend the whole thing hadn't happened.

I knew better than to show it, but it did give me sorrow when I agreed, and killed the dragonet with no fire.

But then the Queen changed her mind again. I tried to grab the dragonet and escape, but I couldn't keep a hold of her because of her burning scales.

I left and joined the Talons of Peace, convinced my mate and all of my offspring were dead. I tried to forget my sadness.

Then that SeaWing buffoon Nautilus gave me a job, one he thought would comfort me. I would help raise the dragonets.

Nautilus has an irritating habit of not being around when you want to have words with him, So I had no one to complain to,

That's how I got stuck raising the 5 obnoxious dragonets. The MudWing who was an absolute oaf, and who reminded me every day of the MudWing General who got Rage killed.The SeaWing who was bossy and rebellious, who got the others to rebel with her constantly, and who, furthermore, was born the dragon I had always aspired to be. The RainWing who insulted everyone and came from an absolutely useless tribe and was there instead of a SkyWing I could have taken pride in, and who might have given me some comfort. The NightWing who was the worst fighter I had ever seen and a know-it-all. And the SandWing who was tiny, lacked a tail barb, and was generally useless. 

The only pleasure I had under the mountain was passing my unrivaled fighting skills on through Tsunami, and that was heavily tainted. I've never liked SeaWings.

A lot of things happened after that, but  you know that already. I didn't like the dragonets of destiny, but I did what I could to protect them. When I was murdered by those backstabbing pieces of (censored), Blister and Morrowseer, my last thoughts were that at least I had made my contributions to the world. I was one of the greatest SkyWing warriors to ever have lived. 

I was a Big Enough Hawk.