Inferno is a ruggedly handsome SwiftWing with pale orange scales. His underbelly is creamy white, and he has a fiery red mane that is a gradient of flaming orange and a bright yellow near where the feathers sprout. His eyes are an unusual deep denim blue. He wears an assortment of golden hoop earrings, and has a gold septum ring. He wears a grizzly bear fur cloak with multiple pockets where he hides his many weapons.


Inferno is a 'I won't take none of your crap' kind of guy. He is by no means a talker, and hates associating with anyone. He is vicious and has no empathy, and he tends to have no sympathy for anyone. His has a angry air that seems to follow him around, and he has a constantly annoyed expression on his face. He spends most of his time at the Emerald Dice Casino or the Skydrop Bar. There, he is a master gambler and negotiator. He is the local champion of poker, and also a total womanizer. However, he happens to have a soft and sad side. He misses his family deeply and carries around a picture of them in his cloak.


Inferno is a very skilled knifeman, and is ambidextrous. He prefers to throw the knives, and he is also very skilled at aiming his throwing stars and his poison darts. He also carries around sleeping pills, a mace, a vile of poison, and various other dangerous things.

He is incredibly good at gambling, poker, and lying. He is a master dart thrower (I wonder why?) and he very skilled at wooing dragonesses.

Due to him being a Pyro SwiftWing, he is able to manipulate fire at his own will.


Inferno grew up in a tiny town near the edge of SwiftWing territory, called Lítill Eldur. His family was very poor, and were often starving. Inferno was the youngest child among his three siblings: Mountain, the oldest, Terraformer, the middle child, and Coal, the second youngest before Inferno. His father was the only one in the family that worked, as a small shop owner selling homegrown crops in Wonderheart.

He got along fairly well with all of his siblings, and they often played games out in the field behind their tiny home. One day, while he and his siblings were playing catch out in that same field, a few strange dragons in black cloaks were walking down the streets. One of them pointed to the small group of dragons and started approaching. Terraformer shoved Inferno under their old porch, where he was hidden by the shadows. Inferno could only sit and watch as the strange dragons took his siblings. His mother tried to attack the dragons, but one of them, a SandWing, stabbed her in the eye with his tail, and he watched her flail on the ground until she stopped moving. The dragons disappeared into the forest. His father chased them, but never returned. He stayed there until the screams of his siblings faded away, and all he could do was sit there and cry.

Inferno ended up wondering into the streets of Lítill Eldur, crying out for someone to help, but of course no adult would listen to the fantasies of of a tiny dragonet. At night, a strange Hydro SwiftWing who called herself Duckling told him that if he wanted to be safe, he should come with her. Being a small dragonet, he trusted the older dragon. He took him to R.E.V.O.L.T.'s headquarters, where he was told the dragons who took his family were from a place called The Necro Brigade. Inferno was trained as a lethal assassin, and grew to only have one goal, to kill those who took his family.